Leadership Team

Mr. Manuel Garcia



I would like to take this time to welcome back all our bulldogs to G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School. On behalf of our Braddock family, I invite all of you to take part in the most exciting years of your life. As you embark upon the 2016-2017 school year, we are looking forward to watching you begin and/or continue your focus towards academic success at G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School.

As always we are focusing our sights on your academic success as well as your ability to balance school spirit and the ability to raise your leadership level. During this year you will have time for deep thinking regarding your future aspirations. Upon entering the halls of Braddock Senior High School, you will notice that if you put in hard work and dedication, you will be able to take advantage of the first class education our school has to offer. In addition to supporting your future success, we encourage you to take part in our athletic programs, clubs, and extracurricular activities. I welcome all of you to become involved in our campus life because we believe there is a positive correlation between academic success and school spirit. So welcome and make sure that this year is not only an academic success but a personal one as well.

Once again good luck and remember, “It’s Academic!”


Mr. Alan Soriano


Assistant Principal/Designee for Curriculum/Biology EOC/High School Accountability

    Tutoring Plan - Interns/University & Colleges - Articulation - Curriculum Council - (ASPEN x2) Schedule
    I-PEGS Observation Schedule - Teacher Certification -
    Testing - Textbooks - Electronic Gradebook - Uniform/Dress Code - I-PEGS - All Temporary Duty Approval
    META/LEB/BVIP - EESAC - Silver Knights

    Departmental Supervision: Science - Student Services- Advanced Academics/Cambridge


Dr. David H. Brooks


Assistant Principal for 9-12 grade SPED/Acceleration Component

    Child Study Team/IEP - FABS/BIPS - Transportation - Uniform/Dress Code
    I-PEGS - Cafeteria Food Services - Title I - Night School Liaison - Property Control -
    Activities - Custodian Staff/Zone Mechanic - Facilities - Internal Funds -NJROTC - PTSA - Athletics

    Departmental Supervision: SPED - Academy of Visual and Performing Arts - Business - Tech Arts - IT Magnet - iPrep Magnet - Fitness

Mr. Ron Ferguson


Assistant Principal for 11th grade/History EOC

    Attendance - Free & Reduced Lunch - Driver's License Program - Student Entries - Student Transfers -
    Uniform/Dress Code - I-PEGS - Faculty Handbook - Security - Disciplinary Committee - Social Media

    Departmental Supervision: Foreign Language - Social Studies

Ms. Mayra Raya-Hernandez


Assistant Principal for ELL 9-12 & 12th grade/ ELA Mastery/ Math Mastery/ELA Learning Gains-Lower 25%/Math Learner Gains-Lower 25%/Graduation Rate

    Faculty Handbook - Fire Drills/Code Red - Critical Incident Response Team - ELL Program - Technology - Uniform/Dress Code
    I-PEGS - SIP (School Improvement Plan)
    Teacher of the Year Committee - New Teachers - Clerical/Clerical Evaluations - Award Assembly
    United Way (Staff) - Professional Development - Opening of School 2016-2017 - Tardy Tank - FTE Requirements - New Student Orientation 2016-2017 - OPS (Designee) - Success Center (Designee)


    Departmental Supervision: Language Arts - ELL - FLVS - Math - Reading

Mr. Manny Fernandez


SCSI, Detentions, Exclusions, & 9th grade

    Detentions - Volunteers - Uniform/Dress Code - Electronic Devices Referrals - Tardy Tank - Security/Hall Sweeps & Area Checks - Disciplinary Committee - ID Program




Mrs. Nelly Odio


Activities Director

    Field Trips - United Way-Student Campaign - Honor Roll - Awards Assemblies - Back To School Night -
    Blood Drive - Activity Calendar for Day and Night School - Club Organizations - Facility Usage (except gym and field)
    Fund Raising - Grad Bash - Graduation - New Student Orientation - Operation Reports -
    Pep Rallies - Performing Groups - Student Recognition - Activities Eligibility/Data Driven - Student Aids


Mrs. Ivette Guzman


IPrep Lead Teacher & 10th grade

    Detentions - Dade Partners - Bullying Liaison - Uniform/Dress Code - Tardy Tank - ID program


Mrs. Alina Williams


Test chair



Mr. Eric Lape


Athletic Director

    Supervision & Organization of All Gym & Field Facilitating Schedule - Athletic Fund Raising - Gender Equity - Calendar Athletic/Night School - Athletic Varsity/JV Field - Pep Rallies - Athletic Recognition - Athletic Eligibility/Data Driven - Student Aids


Ms. Carmen Molina-Chruchman


Student Services Department Chair

    Graduation Rate - Dual Enrollment - ACT & SAT Testing Liasion - Acceleration Component