Junior Class Officers

Mary Faas
Vice President
Beatirz Garcia
Miriam Alonso

Junior Activities

TBA Junior Trip (Bush Gardens)
Ticket Sales:

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3/15/2017 Ring Ceremony:
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Ring Orders

Ring Payments: TBA

***Cash or money order only! Prices are subject to change. No refunds will be issued once ticket has been purchased. Students may only purchase tickets for their grade level events.***


Junior Info
Reminder For College Bound Juniors:
- Keep in mind colleges/universities look for the following:


Students are expected to attend school for 180 days. In the event that an absence occurs, the student must provide an explanatory note signed by the parent/guardian. Notes must be submitted before school or during lunch to an attendance clerk in the attendance office. Students ONLY have two days (48 hours) to get the notes excused. Students are required to obtain their teachers' signature which should enable them to make-up all missed assignments. Excused absences include:

*Students who do not submit an excused note when absent, will be given a zero for any missed assignment. Unexcused absences in an annual course, will receive an NC (NO CREDIT) in that course and shall have to re-take the course. Consequently, students who accumulate 5 or more unexcused absences in a semester course will receive a NC (NO CREDIT) in that course and shall have to re-take the course. Students are recommended to save all excused admits in the event that the students would need to appeal a grade. Students are expected to attend class on time. Students who arrive tardy to school will be issued a one hour detention once the 4th tardy is reached and every tardy thereafter.

Graduation Requirements
4 years of English
3 years of Social Studies
3 years of Math
3 years of Science
0.5 Fine Art
0.5 Practical Art/ Computer Literacy
0.5 Health
1.0 P.E.
8.5 Elective Class Credits
2.0 GPA
1 hour of Community Service (College Requirements may differ)
Pay all fines through the School Treasurer (Lab fees, Textbook fines, and Late book return fees)
*2 Years of a Foreign Language required for entrance into a 4-year University
*FCAT Requirements